Thomas My Fan

Thomas from Singapore that comes to Karaoke XXX shows his love.
feature costume

Rebecca Love’s – Auction Bid Now!

Want a costume I wore on stage many of time for featuring?  You will get this: sunglasses thigh highs tie booty shorts 8×10 collage...

Poke-A-Dot Lingerie Teddy – [Sexually Bugged on HBO]

I wore this piece of lingerie in the movie “Sexually Bugged” and it is time to give it a new home.  It is well...

Movie: The Departed 2006

THE DEPARTED (2006) People ask and YES I had a small small small clip in the Departed. Here it is …don’t blink you might...
Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.42.12 PM

Rebecca Love & Daryl Wright [Tigger Bounce]

What is a tigger bounce? Watch the video with comedian Daryl Wright and me … – Rebecca Love

New Radio Show

Tuesdays @ Starting this week I am doing a new show on  You can chat with me there and call-in...

Necklace Aries – Gifting Me

  Thank you Gary for the gold constellation ARIES Necklace.  Very thoughtful and much appreciated my sunshine  I wanted to post this on my...

Joel Rubchons – Dinner Date

  OMG….this was on my BUCKETLIST and BADOOP spoiled me rotten with Joclyn Stone.  What a super exciting non-geeky treat (badoops words) cuz he...

Vegas Baby Vegas

  I am on my way home and ready to get back to work.  My phone will be on starting this THURSDAY and webcam....