Sherry 3000

Sherry 3000 is a the ultimate female humanoid built for your pleasure. The robot is only the demo version and before you purchase Sherry...

Weekly Webcam Shows

OK, I decided I am going to commit one day of each week to be on webcam. Not my usual webcam but an actual...

The Official Fan Club

When you pledge to AFSNetwork you help us make free Porn Star Podcasts for your entertainment pleasure.  We are trying to make this a...

18 Seconds of Your Life

Give a quick listen of my podcast with these 18 second show clips. Is this the podcast for you? It is funny, fun and...

My Phone Chat

I just redesigned and am back on my phone line.  I hope you enjoy because I enjoy talking to my fans/friends. Plus, anyone...
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AntiMom Comedy Set

My very first comedy set @ thru Don Barnhart’s Comedy Classes.  Here is my take on parenting.

Live Broadcast on Periscope

Have you downloaded Periscope yet?  You should experiment with it and have fun.  I am going to try to use it everyday and broadcast...

Hot Girls Wanted

“Hot Girls Wanted”, is a controversial documentary which focuses on the negative aspects of the adult industry.  We will break down the film and...

Karaoke XXX in Las Vegas

I finally figured out to have “Karaoke XXX” and see my friends in the adult industry every month.  I started a meet-up group in...

Comedy Open Mic

I finally did it and got up on stage.  Open mic was nerve racking but I accomplished the inevitable.  I am so glad I...