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AntiMom Comedy Set

My very first comedy set @ thru Don Barnhart’s Comedy Classes.  Here is my take on parenting.

Live Broadcast on Periscope

Have you downloaded Periscope yet?  You should experiment with it and have fun.  I am going to try to use it everyday and broadcast...

Hot Girls Wanted

“Hot Girls Wanted”, is a controversial documentary which focuses on the negative aspects of the adult industry.  We will break down the film and...

Karaoke XXX in Las Vegas

I finally figured out to have “Karaoke XXX” and see my friends in the adult industry every month.  I started a meet-up group in...

Comedy Open Mic

I finally did it and got up on stage.  Open mic was nerve racking but I accomplished the inevitable.  I am so glad I...

Time Is Money

I have been talking to a lot of people who assume I have 25 hours in the day and can work 8 days a...

My New Wish List – College Fund

You guys always ask … “What can I get you?” Well instead of me sending you to my Amazon Wish List, I am sending...

Adult Webcamming & Skype Shows

Do you like to play with adult webcam models via in your own home? Do you like to interact with Porn Stars and get...

Live Podcast Alerts

Follow “Adult Film Star Network” on MixLr and be notified of a live podcast with an interactive chat room which you can participate during...

March 30th – My Birthday Wishes

As I pucker up to blow out the candle I wish for these (2) things….. Comedy Classes – Thank you Badoop for the classes _________________________...