This Prom Queen turned B-Queen, grew up in the Adirondacks in a small redneck town. However, when I graduated I moved to Florida for higher learning. I went to college for Performing Arts. During schooling I was an exotic dancer which progressed into an Adult Film Actress, Magazine Model then into a Feature Entertainer. I have been in the Adult Industry since 1995. I furthered my career and had the opportunity to be in Erotica Films on HBO, Showtime and Cinemax. Now, I am concentrating on my new adventures with “Adult Film Star Network” and Stand-Up Comedy while still taking improv classes here in Las Vegas to improve my acting skills. – Rebecca Love

Born March 30th 1976
Body 5’2 / 135lbs / 36DD
Grew Up Adirondacks NY
Lived in the U.S. Upstate NY, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Houston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Friends Katie Morgan, Joclyn Stone, Claudia-Marie, Europe DiChan
Favorite Movies Jaws, Horror Slasher Films, The Stand, Young Guns 2, King Kong 1976, Moulin Rouge, Dawn of the Dead,
Favorite TV Shows Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Shark Tank, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Shameless, The Ranch
Favorite Food French Cuisine, Italian and an Old School Steakhouse
Hobbies Stand-Up, Improv Class, Podcasting, Creepy Horror Dolls and Karaoke XXX
Jobs Waitress, Acting, Podcasting Producer, Editing, Filming, Photography, Webdesign, Writing, Social Media Marketing, Events and Radio
Favorite Color Pink
Personality Down to Earth
Loves Working Hard, Social Gatherings and Getting Secret Gifts
Favorite Saying Fantastical
Bucket List Horror Movie Scene, Mayan Pyramids, 2 Guys, Gina Gerson, Alec Baldwin, Sam Elliott