DaCast.com – Bad Review SUCKS

I am sorry to say that my “SPYCAM” that I used to have for my loyal fans has been terminated due to DaCast canceling my monthly service and is asking for an annual payment to continue service.  Unfortunately, I cannot pay the server an annual fee and I am very angry at them for not continuing the monthly service for OG clientele.  I have been with them from the beginning and am very disappointed with the way they treat their loyal customers.

Also, the lag time in their live broadcast was not acceptable to my fans since their accustom to live webcam services that have no delay in real time.  I cannot justify giving them any more of my hard earned money or sending them any more business referrals.  Yes, I will be talking about this on the podcast too to warn potential clients in our industry.

In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions on a replacement streaming service please let me know.  I am looking for another company to host my SPYCAM.  Or maybe I will just do a “Google Hangout” or something once a month for my OnlyFans.  Give me a few days to figure this out and I will let you know what I have planned for future webcam activities.

dacast sucks