SpyCam is Back on Fridays

OK, I decided I am going to commit one day for SpyCam. This will be an actual show with costumes, green screen and in character. It will be the ultimate role-play for my loyal fans. Now I just have to decide what time and which day works best for my schedule and yours. Want to help me figure it out?

Right now SpyCam will be every Friday @ 6pm Pacific Time but might change in the future.

You will get to see the production of “The Ultimate Role-Play” during the filming process on green screen. Then on Saturday when I release the footage, you can experience the full effect with professional editing.

You can also be notified of each unique role-play character if you join the email list.  You can unsubscribe at anytime if you decide not to participate anymore.

Weekly Webcam Alerts

The SpyCam is only $25 for the month with VOD. Now that’s a deal!

SpyCam will be on during the week at random times, just watch my Twitter for the alerts.

Ultimate Role-Play Shows on VOD
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Sherry 3000
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