Phone Therapy – MyPhoneChat

I talked to a fan today on the phone about how he wants me to act like his mom and just tell him that he is a good boy and should not worry about being bullied in school because he is so loved at home.  That he would only have to endure the content bulling for only a few more years before life begins after you graduate and go on to his big adventure of life.  I was so moved by this I wanted to write about it on my blog.

Usually people want to talk to talk to me for sexual release but this individual wanted comfort and reassurance that life will get better after adolescence.  He is an adult now but likes to hear about the past like getting therapy he was missing during his teen years.  I thought it was a beautiful phone experience and wanted to share it with my fans.

I hope I get more calls like this because it made me think there are so many different ways to release besides carnal desires.

Thank you Carl for the amazing phone chat yesterday.  You inspired me.

Rebecca Love